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The Old Man


curly boy Stubbs



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Pat Thompson &
Tony Latimer

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(words & music: A. Latimer)
I am no horseman, but this tune is dedicated
to my equestrian friends who have allowed me
to play at their game and dream a little.

We'd just been down to Mexico
The land of indian hemp
Been riding hard all day long
And as we rode I dreamt
My horse had shied at something
At what I was not sure
When suddenly there stood a man
Where none had stood before

He spoke to us of coming doom
And of our only chance
While he spoke his eyes were cast
He barely gave a glance

He cried "go back, go back young man
Return where you belong"
His voice so old and reedy
It sounded like a song

My friend drew down his '44
And held it at his chest
Clear out old man or I'll gun you down
Just like all the rest

The old man rose in sadness
Shook his finger like a bone
To battle you go with friends, young man
To hell you go alone

You'll need more guts than guns, my friend
In the coming fight, you'll see
So listen when you get advice
From one as old as me

Go back to where you come from
Return where you belong
live like your gentle forefolk
With love and with a song
Know the land, know the sea
The wind, the sun and the sky
For I wager that you'll need it
Before the end is nigh

With these words he vanished
As if he'd turned to air
my friend and I were silent
We could but stand and stare

now sometimes when I'm riding
When the moon's low in the sky
I see the old man walking
Down the pathway from on high

He looks toward me shyly
Turns away and then
He smiles, and winks,
And tilts his hat
And then he disappears again

Curly Boy Stubs: rhythm guitar;
Stephen Fearing: resophonic guitar
& hammertone; Dennis Pendrith:
acoustic bass; Chris Whiteley:





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©2005 Tony Latimer