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Kings of the Western Ocean

The race

   Aerial & Taeping


Tea Race

   Thermopylae & Cutty Sark


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Pat Thompson &
Tony Latimer

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(Words: A.Latimer, Melody: trad)

I find variants intrigueing, and
felt there was room for a deepsea
version of this wonderful old tune.
With a tip of the hat to
The Bushwackers, one of my all
time favourite Aussie bands.

We're kings of the Western Ocean
It's plain to see we are
We've left our mark on many a bark
We stink of pitch and tar
All hands cries the mate
And up aloft we fly
The devil take the laggard, Jack
It's do your best or die

The captain turns and looks aloft
The mate he does likewise
Nothing's said, just the nod of the head
And the movement of their eyes
With topsails backed and rode hove short
She slowly bears away
Beware the calm before the storm
The shellbacks often say

Now you've heard the tales of races sailed
Of the Aerial and Taeping
Of Thermopylae and Cutty Sark
They make the rafters ring
But many's the time in foreign climes
The race for life was won
By a daring claw from a dead leeshore
Or a pirate's threatening gun

The captain and the mate have schemes
Of more sails yet to set
You can tell by the look
On the face of the cook
What's riding on the bet
To sail a ship at a hell of a clip
Through icebergs is insane
All hands on deck the mate calls down
And here we go again

The arrival scene's a lively one
And ought to be admired
No ship's done a better run
Since Bully Hayes expired
along the quay the girls all smile
And the crimps all turn away
Now you can talk
You're the cock'o the walk
Enjoy it while you may

Tony Latimer & Curly Boy Stubbs:
rhythm guitars; Dennis Pendrith:
acoustic bass; Rick Van Krugel:
octave mandolin; Anne Lindsay: fiddle.

Anne Lindsay





©2005 Tony Latimer