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Cities in the Sky

Threatened by the colours of a gypsy caravan




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Pat Thompson &
Tony Latimer

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(Words & music: A. Latimer)

Another elusive workshop song. I kept going back to for
words of inspiration and eventually used them all:
Borage, Amore de Cosmos, and Largesse. The musical
idiom - Klezmer

We were like children
Building cities in the sky
Sleeping on a bed of sweet borage
Reciting endless passages
From catcher in the rye
Bathing in an Arabic mirage
Lovers of the universe innocent of sin
Willing to look God straight in the eye
Painting naked columbines
And playing hands of gin
Knowing in the end we had to die
Threatened by the colours
Of a gipsy caravan
The city fathers sighed
And changed their mind
While bishops gamboled gaily
To a mariachi band
And tried to stop the clouds
From getting high
Sullen youths in iridescent
Urban camoflage
Living on largess and getting by
Disappearing daily
In a monochrome montage
Nourished by the goodness of a lie

Litttle Bobby Dazzler
With a broken two-bob watch
Sixpence worth of chips will see him right
Karaoke cowboy
On a cybernetic binge
Calling home to tell the wife she's right
Inter-racial lovers
On the dark side of the moon
Pondering the benefits of sight
Tucker time in heaven
And the kids are coming home
The Obeah-man comes calling in the night

Tony Latimer & Curly Boy Stubbs:
rhythm guitars; Dennis Pendrith:
acoustic bass; Rick Van Krugel:
octave mandolin; Anne Lindsay: fiddle.

Amor de Cosmos
was David's idea





©2005 Tony Latimer