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Ben Johnson




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Tony Latimer

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(Words: A.Latimer, Melody: trad)

I have always felt that Ben was more of
a victim than people allowed. He was
left pay the cost. Those in authority
tripped over each other in their haste
to abandon him.

Ben Johnson, Ben Johnson,
Running as fast as you can
No matter how fast you're runnin'
You cant get away from the man
I might be the man from the inquest
Put your face all over TV
I might be the man
From the sponsor who says
You're no longer runnin' for me

Ben Johnson, Ben Johnson,
You're the best on this we agree
But with pharmaceutical enhancement
You'll run faster just wait and see
It's been working like crazy
On pigs and on goats
just inject it regularly
I'm the doctor with the needle me son
Just listen to Charlie and me

Hey Ben, or whatever your name is
Don't stand too close to me
I'm a Canadian sportin' official
Full of trust and integrity
I'd rather just keep you
At arm's length young man
Though it's smelling of hypocracy
If we want more funding,
I have to stay clean
It's political expediency

Ben Johnson, Ben Johnson,
Just call Your Excellency
I once was a fascist with Franco
Now I'm boss of the whole I.O.C.
It's OK for us to take limos an bribes
And even a Geisha or three
You're just a pawn, an object of scorn
An expendable commodity

Curly Boy Stubs: acoustic & electric
guitars; Dennis Pendrith: acoustic bass;
Dick Smith: congas, maracas, cowbell,
clavé; Lincoln Waldren: steel pans






©2005 Tony Latimer