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From the Introduction to
"Salt over My Shoulder"

Tony Latimer's song-writing skills are those of an experienced, talented and mature human being. He is a rough-hewn character, his face is chiseled with the vexations that life sometimes brings, but within that tough exterior, is an amazingly intuitive and brilliant song-writer.

The surface facade hides well the repository of sounds and lyrical images which is resident within. These tools combine well as he paints pictures of sailors, whores, sprinters, and others playing their role in the comedy of life.

This is an emerging poet who needs to be heard. An Aussie by birth, Latimer embodies well the Canadian experience and speaks in a language more reflective of our reality than that of his youth. His songs will long be with us.

Mitch Podolak

The Walnut Steet Music Company


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