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This CD is the one that has rarely been off my player, since I received it over a year ago. It grabbed me then - and it has never slackened its grip!

To say that it is eclectic underestimates the word and these songs. This recording covers the spectrum of what might very loosely be thought of as roots/folk music; from calypso to country and Tex/Mex to klezmer, from classic swing to sea-shanty, out to "the Islands"- and beyond. Each track a gem in its own right. Each one with a new and fascinating flavour - with Tony's rich, Australian drawl and easy guitar style superbly complimented by a stellar array of some of Canada's finest musicians. The line-up of supporting musicians; each one a household name and virtuoso in their own right; is sparingly used; with great sympathy for the music; and to maximum effect.

If it were possible for me to pick a favourite track - almost an impossibility with this CD - it would probably be Tony's sensitive treatment of Banjo Patterson's CLANCY OF THE OVERFLOW ... though next time I put it on, I'll fall in love with yet another of the songs.

In order to maintain my credibility, I must confess that I count Tony Latimer as a great friend, as well as a greatly admired singer, songwriter and performer. It behoves me, therefore, to list the various short-comings of this collection ...... do you need me to repeat them??????? Do yourself a favour - beg, borrow or steal a copy of Salt Over My Shoulder. Better still, do what I do ... buy several as gifts for your friends!

Tom Lewis.

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