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Pat Thompson &
Tony Latimer

Lime Bay Mutiny

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Tony Latimer ia a dual citizen of Australia and Canada. Every word he speaks is the thread of a good yarn. His powerful, resonant voice is ideal for both traditional shanteys and his own eclectic take on world music. A pinch of adventure, a dash of salt, and a little calypso seasoning, make for a tasty musical treat.

Short bio
Tony left his native Australia in the early 60's singing, drawing, and sailing his way through Asia, North America, Europe and the Carribean, before building the Schooner "Forbes & Cameron" in British Columbia. Since then he has performed solo, and with the "Clover Point Drifters", "Lime Bay Mutiny", and "Schooner's Crew", and in a duo with his beloved Patsy. After a three year stint in Television, Tony now devotes all of his time to music.



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