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Pat and Tony live in Victoria B.C. For the past 16 years they lived aboard their 58' schooner "Forbes & Cameron". Although they have Shanteys in common, their musical experiences are quite diverse. Pat's background includes Classical and Choral beginnings, liberally salted with British and Canadian music and dance traditions. Tony's musical roots include Choral, Musical Comedy, Australian Country and Folk, and British Folk. More recently, he has been influenced by Hawaiian, Calypso and Swing. In those rare moments when they find time to perform as a duo, Hang on! They'll make you cry AND leave you laughing. They are, in short a delight.


" When I think of Pat and Tony I think of fun, pleasure, enjoyment, thoughtfulness, .... they are high energy singers with great harmony.."

Michael Pratt & Lyn McGoun, Jericho Folk Club

"Pat and Tony are true storytellers in song. Pat's commanding voice compels you to listen to what she has to sing, and Tony's stage presence and rhythmic sensibility inspire you to join in the singing..." 

Jon Bartlett and Rika Ruebesaat, Past Presidents, Vancouver Folk song Society


"Pat and Tony are always crowd pleasers at the Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival. They bring us both the contemporary and traditional sounds of the sea in a truly nautical experience. Their harmonies will make your sox roll up and down "

Jan Bellamy, Executive Director, Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival





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