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Lime Bay Mutiny....

was formed for the centenary relaunch of the MV Delta in 1989 We assembled our favourite singers, and the sound was so seductive we just could not let it go. In spite of the difficulty of manageing a band with 8 lead singers, and the expense of employing such a group, we played and recorded together over a 10 year period, until logistics finally wore us down. At one stage we realized that any decision had to take into consideration the lives of 37 different people. It was nuts! Although we rarely sing as LBM any more, we remain great singing friends, and still perform in various sub variations and combinations.

LBM made two recorings.

"Live at the Blue Peter" - a live performance at the Blue Peter in Sidney B.C. Originally offered on on cassette tape, it will be available here as an MP3.

The second recording was never released. It was a studio recording, made with Rob Martin at FTR Studios in Victoria. Life got in the way, and it has been on the shelf all these years. An MP3 copy will be available soon.

This site will be under constant updating and revision. Check back for more Lime Bay Mutiny info and pictures.

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